Watch this presentation about Criterion 1.1, for helpful insights on how to embed the PC/PIs in your program.

Criterion 5.7 is about developing an "ethics framework to help faculty and staff resolve ethical dilemmas".  This course will help you learn more about ethical decisions in the context of a massage therapy education program and get started in creating your own framework. 
After completing this course you will be able to explain each one of the 7 standard sections and interpret the criteria.  It is recommended that you complete this course before taking the Assessment course.

Both sections of this course consist of an e-learning module with content and assessments, and discussion boards where you will engage with colleagues and moderators in activities that will help you develop the skills needed to meet the course objectives.

After completing this course you will be able to list the steps in the process of accreditation, and identify what party is responsible for each task.

The first activity is a short e-learning module where the process is explained and your knowledge is assessed.

The second item in the course is a FAQ section, where you can look for the information that you need, or post a new question if you can't find the answer.

After completing this course you will be able to prepare for a site visit.

It is recommended that you complete course 2 The Standards before starting this one.