This is where we will post content from our Surveyor Webinars to build upon our discussions and familiarity of the Standards, criteria, and challenges facing Surveyors and Programs.

Purpose: To study and discuss the Theory and Successful Practice of Continuous Quality Improvement for the purposes of understanding its relevance and application to accreditation.

Structure: Every week, surveyors will read a chapter of the book, The Improvement Guide. A videotaped recording of an interpretation of that chapter will be provided by Kathrina Loeffler on the Friday evening of every week. The following day a discussion forum will be launched on CMTCAu allowing for surveyors to ask questions and discuss the chapter of the book and Kathrina’s interpretation of the chapter as presented in the video recording. The discussion forum will be open for one week following the launch of the video recording for that chapter.

Responsibility: It is requested that all surveyors prepare for the “discussion forums” by reading the specific chapter the week prior to the video launch. After reading the chapter they should watch the video. The video will include questions to consider and respond to in the discussion forum.

Criterion 5.7 is about developing an "ethics framework to help faculty and staff resolve ethical dilemmas".  This course will help you learn more about how to interpret the evidence for this particular criterion.